The Narrow Way Life series Part4: LOYALLY IN LOVE


“I see the tree standing tall and brave as the sun scorches the very life out of it. Its leaves wither, joining the drying bark in total surrender. Still, the tree stands tall, season after season, teaching its roots to march to depths unseen, in anticipation of the days of bloom….”

Before we go on, pause for a minute. Ask the Lord to speak to you in His own way through these words. Thank Him for the season that you are in. Good or bad. His banner over you is Love.

Now, take a reading stroll with me through today’s anchor text:

James 1:12 TPT
[If your faith remains strong, even while surrounded by life’s difficulties, you will continue to experience the untold blessings of God! True happiness comes as you pass the test with faith, and receive the victorious crown of life promised to every lover of God!]

Difficult times happen to all of us. They come with extra pressure, threatening to burst through the sanity of our beings. I have crumbled on many days like this, complaining and murmuring and wishing it all away. Let’s see what James had to say about these kind of times.

Faith is the absolute trust in God. It’s easy to say I have faith when everyday comes with extra sweet sunshine and credit alerts. James said “even while surrounded by life’s difficulties”. That means, your faith can be strong even when the waters are rising and your feet is slipping. The absolute trust that even here, God will take care of you, hold your hand and rescue you, no matter how long it takes, must rise above all else.

Growing up,I used to think God’s blessings came only in the big things. Oh, a new car! Or  a new house!. Now I know that while these things are blessings in themselves, God’s blessings also show up in the minutest of ways.
The strength to go through a tough day, having little or no money but yet you feed quite okay, being alive and well, having a family, good friends, and so on.
The presence of God with us even in difficult times is a blessing that cannot be taken for granted.
God said in Isaiah 41:10;
“Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.”

To have faith is to “fear not”. So we say it this way: “Have faith! I am with you!”

Here we see that your faith in God takes you through every test. The one who has faith in God is always joyful. They know who their God is and how able He is to deliver them and keep them.

I sadly admit that I have compromised in hard times just to find that “peace” and “happiness”. And it cost me. Instead of finding peace, I drowned in seas of guilt and I kept wishing I had held on stronger.

I have also noticed that the times I relied on God through a hard time, the joy and growth I experienced strengthened me even more.
Strength rises as you keep your faith alive.


This is my favorite part of today’s text. The Message Translation brings it home:

“….For such persons loyally in love with God, the reward is life and more life.”
James 1:12b MSG

When you decide to stand strong in your faith, choosing to trust His able hand as you go through each day, seeking to let your life speak of Him even when times get scorching hot and difficult, even when the questions rise and doubt dares, even then,
You are loyally in love in God.
And the one who is loyally in love with God will in due time, receive his reward.

God rewards faith!
[The reward is more and more life; MSG]
[The victorious crown of life; TPT]

Ask Abraham.
Abraham was a man who was loyally in love with God. Even when God had promised and he had not yet seen, he chose to believe God.
We all know how God rewarded him. 

Your love for God isn’t just when you lift your hands in worship and say “Father, I love you”. It is that and more.
How much you love God shows also in the decisions you make in the worst of times.

Like the tree I started with….

“Now the rains have come and the leaves stand green with a bark so deep and brown, this tree will grow still;
Because it knows of the roots that still march downwards;
Of the days it spent trusting;
And the nights it kept waiting.
So even if the seasons come and go again;
Scorching sun, blazing wind, heavy rains and quiet days,
This tree will stay loyally in love;
With the seasons now and then.”

I’ll like you to take a while and talk to the Father with me. We all have the hard times of testing and difficulties. We have, at some point, crumbled under pressure. Ask Him to strengthen you. To keep you loyally in love with Him as you go through life everyday. To strengthen your faith in Him.

We say this prayer in faith and with joy in our hearts as we stay loyally in love with God, standing firm, even on the hard days.
In Jesus name,Amen!

Amazing Reader!
Thank you for reading today’s part with me. It’s always a delight to share these truths with you. God’s word brings life!
If you are going through a hard time, remember that God says He’ll never leave you. Stay loyal! He is forever loyal to His word. 
If you have not given “Loving Jesus” a thought, this is the time because you can’t go through life without Him.
Leave a message here or send me an email( and I’d love to speak and pray with you. God desires to take you through life with His strength and grace if you’ll only let Him.

Send a prayer, observation, topic prompt, your fav scripture, blogpost idea, name it!
It always good to hear from you.

Until next part,

The Narrow Way Life Series,Part 4;

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The Narrow Way Life series Part3: Why do you read your Bible?


Sometime last week,I didn’t feel like going through my Bible that morning.
I knew I had to because;
Hey! isn’t that what Christians are supposed to do? Read a couple of verses a day to keep the devil away?
Fulfill all righteousness and feel spiritual a bit? Well,not really,love but okay, let’s be real today.

As I flipped through the pages,the question that inspired today’s blog post came to me.
Blossom,why do you read your Bible?

It is often said that when the purpose of a thing is not known, the abuse of that thing is inevitable.
So today, I want you to ask yourself the same question before you read on…
Why do I read my Bible?
If you have no solid answer yet,it’s okay. We’ll find those answers as we read on together.

Now,you know the drill,lol.
Pause. Pick a Bible and let’s read together.

Anchor text:
Joshua 1:8(NLT):
“[Study this Book of Instruction carefully. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do.]”

The Bible is God’s word inspired by the Holy spirit to us.
If we intend to live this life the way He wants us to,we must live it according to His word.
Imagine that you buy a machine without a users manual. You’d be confused on how to operate it especially if you are not conversant with its kind or type.
The Bible is our Life Guide!
You can’t treat it like a book you read on the days you “feel like it”.

A couple of guys in the Bible discovered why God’s word is important. See what they had to say about this.
•David said in Psalms 119:104(NLT)
“[Your commandments give me understanding,no wonder I hate every false way of life]”

You ever wonder why there’s so much evil and chaos in this world?
It is because the ones who live this way have embraced every false way of life!
They have no understanding of God’s word and how they should live their lives, hence, the chaos and evil.

•James said in James 1:21(NLT)
[So get rid of all the filth and evil in your lives and humbly accept the word God has planted in your hearts,for it has the power to save your souls].

God’s word can only be planted in your heart when you read and meditate on it. This planted word is then able to “save your soul” as you renew your mind daily.
You see how important this is?
It is no longer something to check off your to-do list.
It is a lifestyle!
You don’t put “eat breakfast, lunch and dinner” on your task list,yeah?
Same goes for feeding on God’s word.
It is a meal too!

Now,I know the struggle. I face it too.
You wake up and you have no zeal to even read a line or your thoughts are just too random to meditate on anything. I know.
But here’s one thing that keeps me on my toes. It’s something Peter said in 1Peter 2:2:
[Like new-born babies, you must crave pure spiritual milk so that you will grow into a full experience of salvation.]

This pure spiritual milk is the word of God. You need it to experience in deeper measures the life of Christ that you have now embraced.

So,now you must begin to have good answers for why you read your Bible.
Reading,Meditating and Obeying is a three fold cord.
You must allow the word that you read stay in your heart and you must be willing to obey it in your lifestyle.

You need the word of God to grow spiritually,stay away from every false and evil way and prosper as a child of God.
You need the word of God to know the mind of God. He speaks through His word!

Paul gave Timothy this inside gist:
[All scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. God uses it to prepare and equip His people to do every good work.]
2 Timothy 3:16-17(NLT).

So,the next time you pick up your Bible,let your heart know why it is important. It must be burnt deep into your spirit.
This is beyond letters. It is Life!

My Amazing Reader,
Thank you for staying here with me!
If you noticed,TheDesertRoseLetters took a long break but I am back now and I’m still sharing love and hope with words!
I hope today’s part blessed you. Feel free to ask your questions,make suggestions or send an email(
It’s always good to hear from you.
The Narrow Way Life series is still on and it’s been an enlightening journey through favorite scriptures so far.
And yes! You can send in your favourite scriptures and topic prompts and they can be featured in our subsequent series!
Thank you for reading once again.
Stay Safe,Read your Bible, Meditate and Obey!


I am learning the habit of always sitting back to ask myself why I am doing the things I do. My honest,ego ripping answers draw me back to King Humility’s footstool,ashamed and amazed at how far my heart can wander.

The state of our hearts is of utmost importance in this Narrow Way walk.

Anchor Text:
[Now,pause. Grab your Bible. Open to Matthew 6:1-6. Read with me,please. The MSG translation is my fav for this.]

Jesus was simply trying to make us see that while what you do counts,why you do it counts even more.

I’m allowing this question [Why are you doing what you do?] be a guard for every thing I find myself doing.

For example,many times,I’m about to post something on my WhatsApp status. Basic stuff. But then,when I drag away the beauty of the picture or just for updating sake,there’s an underlying motive. Sometimes,it’s because I’m seeking comments,praise or admiration. Scratch ‘seeking’. ‘Needing’ is the word.
Something to make me ‘happy’.

[Now,while compliments are important,leaning on them for ‘feeling good’ might just not be a right thing to do. So,I make sure my heart is right first.
Being active on social media is okay.
But be sure you’re watching the state of your heart,even there.
Now this might seem basic to you. But okay. I’m just being real with you about the stuff I deal with.]

When you give to others,what’s in your heart?
To be noticed by others or you’re seeking a thank you and an amount of respect or because you genuinely care?

I shamefully admit that in the past,when praying in gatherings,I try to be a little bit louder,say the words a little bit better just in case anyone is listening.
In doing this,I’m not connecting with the Father. My heart is focused on the physical. The impression I am making.
I know better now.

[Now,there’s absolutely nothing wrong with praying out loud in gatherings. It is totally okay. I do pray out loud. But,now when I do,I make sure my heart is out loud to the Father and is not focused how good my words sound or how perfect and detailed the prayer is.]

1Samuel 16:7b(NLT) makes it clear:
[The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart.]

We have a Father who sees everything. Even through the cracks of your heart.

David said in Psalm 17:3a(NLT):
[You have tested my thoughts and examined my heart in the night].

When your heart is right,God can work mightily in you and through you to bless you and others.

You see,when you allow the Holy Spirit judge your motives, it’ll be easier to say No to a lot of things and find peace in doing other things.

So,pause. Take sometime out to sit and assess yourself. If possible,make a list of the things you’re currently engaged in [activities,relationships,etc] and ask yourself “Why am I doing this?”(You’ll be surprised at the number of things you’ll be knocking off your list).
If your answer makes you cringe,don’t condemn yourself.
Ask the Holy Spirit to set your heart right instead.
He’s interested in your heart.
So set it right with Him.

Remember,it’s not just ‘What’. It’s ‘Why’.

Say this prayer with me:
“Lord,search my heart. Let everything that I do be from a right heart. May I never say one thing with my lips and mean another thing in my heart. Let my heart always be tender towards you. Let your word guard and guide my heart. In Jesus name. Amen”.

Thank you for reading!

Hey there!
If you’re new to TheDesertRoseLetters,
then I’m sending a warm virtual hug your way. Thank you for stopping by!
This series is called the Narrow Way Life series and I’d be sharing a few things from God’s word with y’all(This is Part2. You can read Part1 in the previous post).
If you’ve never given “Christianity” much thought,there’s no better time than now. Send me an email( and let’s talk. Jesus loves you and He wants to make your heart His home and wants you to spend eternity with Him.

I’m still open to suggestions and contributions. Your comments and kind words so far have been great and they push me to do better.
Thank you!
Part3 will be here soon.

Until then,
Stay Safe,Guard your heart.
Jesus Loves You♡

The Narrow Way Life series with Naya (part1) : STOP WORRYING!

I broken-heartedly admit that I have been worrying. On a scale of 1-10, I dance around 15.
Just yesterday,I allowed worry eat deep into my day so much that I couldn’t see the next good thing in front of me.
And more often than not,we all,sadly,find ourselves in this dangerous space.

Anchor Text:
[Now, pause. Grab your Bible. Open to Matthew 6:25-34. Read with me,please]

When we worry,we take our eyes off God.
This draws my mind back to Peter and the water walking episode with Jesus(Read Matthew 14:28-30).
With faith in Jesus’ invitation to walk on water with Him,he set out his foot and did the seemingly impossible.
Then,He worried. He looked away,taking his eyes off his source of faith and he began to sink.

This is what happens when we worry.
Yes,I hear you. The things we fuss about are entirely legitimate but do you notice how deep you sink into sadness when you worry?

Family,Income,Health issues,Our Future,Our Productivity, Relationships and so much more line the pages of our “Worry thriller”. Worry comes in different shades and magnitudes.

Today,God calls us to a life of absolute trust. So,instead of worrying,we fix our eyes on Him.
I heard the rebuke of the Holy Spirit through Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:25-34 this morning as a reply to my worrying throughout yesterday.
(I encourage you to read these verses in the NLT ,TPT or MSG translation).

A direct command from Jesus:
(So,worrying is an act of disobedience!)

Worry dampens Faith. Worry buries your heart in the things of this life. Worry disconnects you from God.
Worry says: “Lord,I know you’re Almighty but these things are more important and my fussing over them might just solve them”.
Which is an absolute dead end.

Another train-sized thought hit me deep in my heart this morning as I analyzed “Worrying”:
“Worry makes you discredit how far you have come.”
I fussed so much about how much more I needed to be doing in my life,things that haven’t happened yet, relationships I needed to balance,things I had to let go off or hold on to. This fussing didn’t bring solutions. Instead,I failed to see and be thankful for how much had happened in my life and how I have grown. Even in the minutest of ways.
Worry births Ingratitude!

This is a lesson that I am learning and I have decided to share with you.

Now,it is proper for us to think ahead and plan our lives,work hard and hope for the best.
But we must never let fear and anxiety be part of the equation. Remember, a man plans,God directs.
Begin to absolutely love and trust God even as you go through life.
In today’s anchor text, the parts I love so much are verses 26&30[NLT]:

26.[Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store foods in barns,for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to Him than they are?]
30.[And if God cares so wonderfully for wildflowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, He will certainly care for you. Why do you have so little faith?]

God is saying to you:
“Allow Me take care of you!”

I think we trust the Uber/Bolt driver to be right on time more than we trust God to be right on time or take care of us and the situations we find ourselves in.

Absolute Trust is the hand with which we recieve the Peace of God.

So even when the wind and waves(piling bills,deteriorating health, uncertainty for our future,concerns for your spouse/sibling/friend,insufficient funds,etc) are raging and demanding our attention,we choose not to worry by fixing our eyes on The One who has called us to walk on water with Him.

The Absence of worry is the presence of Joy. So even when things aren’t in place yet,you love and lean on God to take you through every phase of your life.

“I will no longer worry. I choose Joy.”
“I will no longer discredit how far I have come. I will be grateful while looking forward with thanksgiving for the things to come”
“I will allow God take care of me today.”

Now,exhale. Allow worry escape.
Inhale. Invite Faith in.

Amazing Reader,
I’m taking some time off poetry to share the truth in God’s word that I’ve been learning. I hope this series speak to you as much as they do to me.
This is Part 1. Yes, we’ll have more!
If this part of The Narrow Way Life series blessed you,leave a comment here or send me an email ( If you have any questions or contributions,you can also leave them here or send an email. It’s always a delight to hear from you.
I call this series “The Narrow Way Life” series because I intend to share on the truths that help us walk in the way we have been called to walk in as children of God.
So stay with me,would you? We have some walking to do.

Stay Blessed,Stop Worrying.

Keep Me In The Moment

“Keep Me In The Moment”
(Inspired by the beautiful song “Keep Me In The Moment” by Jeremy Camp)

I stand guilty,
Of always wishing for the times ahead to come quickly.
Seeking tomorrows and the endings of seasons unfolding;
While I hardly stop,with eyes wide open to breathe in the moments around me.

Yesterday,I held her one day old body in my arms.
Today,she is six and counting;
Growing with the hours that seem to move faster each time I blink;
As Time steals the memories that I didn’t think to secure.

The Seasons I begged to be done with;
The Living,The Learning and The Loving;
The People,The Places and Everything in between;
I am learning to abound in these moments.
I will no longer miss the beauty of it all.

While I desire the times ahead;
I will be grateful for the now.
While my eyes are ahead;
My heart will be in the moments;
To cherish my million little blessings,
While I wait for the ones to come.

Amazing Reader;
A dear friend asked me this yesterday:
“What experience/moment would you like to go back and change in your life?”
The answer came in a flash:
“Nothing.Nothing at all.”
Not because I have had a sweet ride through life and certainly not because all my memories are good ones. On the very contrary.
I’ve hard dark days,I have been depressed,I have failed woefully and I have given up many times.
I have laughed,I have learnt,I have loved and I’m still loving,I have grown and I’m still growing.

Thing is,what makes our lives rich and full isn’t the good days only. The days we see the beauty in life. The bad days add to this equation. A simultaneous blend of events and a lovely symphony of moments. That’s the full song of life.

So while you wait for the good days,cherish the seemingly bad ones.
Stay in the moments while your eyes are ahead. Be grateful for the air, stare a little bit extra at your family members,friends and even yourself and love up on everything a little bit more.
Life is too short to murmur and groan about what isn’t in place yet.

Live.Love.Learn. Stay In The Moments.
Let it be known that it was here you grew. Through the moments and the ones yet to come.


Heavy Heart,Weary Feet;
This one is for you today.
For the one who is ten thousand miles away from the present;
In a place so far and deep and dark that it chokes.

I cannot tell you where it will all begin to make sense;
I have no control over the things that stay in or leave this realm;
I have no balms for your bleeding heart;
But I can tell you how to see The Light.

Let today be the day you breathe again;
Let today be the day you ferociously cling to Love;
As you let go of the things you have no control over.
If you have to walk away; do it Boldly,
If you have to hold on; do it with Faith.

Open the windows of your heart and let this Light flood it;
Open the prison doors and let them walk free;
For your heart deserves the light and love it so desperately seeks.

Step into the clearing and blossom all the same;
Dance in the deep,Peace lives here.

You are stronger than the things you feel;
You are bolder than the fears you face;
LIGHT is where your strength begins,
Keep your eyes open.
And if the tears blur your vision again;
Have no shame in wiping them away;
And See Again. Start Again.

For we are warriors on our feet;
We are warriors on our knees,still.
Our Safe Havens are no quiet terrains;
They are battlegrounds;
And you,my daring storyteller;
Are a brave warrior.

Our Safe Havens are no perfect places;
They belong to the broken yet so strong,
Torn and yet so Brave,
Beaten and yet so Full Of Hope.

So rise up today with your ancient strength;
From realms so Divine and Full of Grace;
Let today be the day you breathe again;
Or start or become or be;

Dear Amazing Reader,
I have no carefully spun words for you today. I call “Safe Havens” my words of love to myself. Now it is my word of love to you.

Many times,the days don’t seem to get better,our feet gets heavier and the drum beats of hope fade away.
I write these words more to myself than I write to you. Because I am human and stuff happens to me too.

When you find yourself in places where you question your strength,speak words of hope to yourself. The world might call it crazy. I call it a survival instinct.
Everyday is a fight we get to win or lose and being a writer with hopeful words doesn’t mean I win everyday. On the very contrary.

To win is a choice. A choice you make despite what you see,feel or think.
There’s a strength that resides deep inside you and an enemy so sinister infiltrates this realm to make you think otherwise.
The best defence against a lie is The Absolute Truth.
So when the wars of Mind Lies begin again, fight with The Absolute Truth(I should write on this,whatcha think?🤔)

Thank you so much for sticking with TheDesertRoseLetters. You always encourage me to write.
Send in your comments,ideas and stories.
It’s always a delight to hear from you.
Till I write again,
Stay Strong. Be Brave. Stand Tall.

The Mask,The Chaos and The Truth

Have you ever been too scared to look Truth in the eye?
For what you might see may reveal the deep dead part of you?

Has “head in your hands” been your posture for days?
And a more bent and broken shape for your weary heart?

What story lies behind your tough skin?
How fast are the flash floods that race from thine eyes sweeping all the hope in its way,caused by the rainstorm inside you?

How carefully crafted is this mask you wear?
Woven with expertise. Expensive concealers for the rough days.

Who am I to judge?
For the things I speak of are the wars I fight.
My hands are weak and bruised at the places where I have held on so tightly to a realm so physical and fading.

Do you believe that idols comes in different shades?
How long have we chased the god of this world for the ‘temporary stillness’?
Temporary,for that is what it is.
Stillness,for it is in no way a Peace.

How much do we try to be so perfect?
Hating ourselves for the failures we drag along, desperately seeking a light that illuminates this tunnel we stagger in.

Only you know the crash site of your hopes,dreams and desires.
And Only One can and seeks to mend the potsherd that you are.

Dear Human,
You are not weak for having the trembles that ravage your tower of skin and bones.
This world does not hold the key to the permanent things you desire.
Set your affections on things above.

For every battle that you face,the armour has been given. Every single piece.

The mask that you wear does not belong to you.
Allow Grace to tear it off as you fill your lungs with the Breath of Life.


If misery seeks to sink its canines into your weary soul;
Cling ferociously to Love.
Not the word. The Person.

For the thrones you have raised in your heart,
For the times you have bowed to things  that have no life and peace in them,
I dare you to let Him tear them down.

Dear Human,
You are strong for the weakness that you admit.
You are brave for the Truth that you dare to seek.
For that truth will not condemn the heart that you bring;
It seeks to flood it with Light and make it whole.

For if the noise of this world seeks to make you forget;
Eyes shut tight,Heart set right.
Cling Ferociously to Hope unseen.

For this season and the seasons to come;
Mask off.
Lean back.
Seek Truth.
Peace is never far away.

A Note to My Amazing Readers:
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Today’s piece is a random one with a dash of raw emotions and a few slices of the things we all go through as humans. The deep emotions that our skins cover.
I am learning that this world has no peace in it. And nothing can satisfy the emptiness that screams from deep within us. Only One Person can fill that void. Only Jesus.

The lines “Trust. Mask Off. Lean back. Seek Truth” is explained in Proverbs 3vs5. My anchor scripture for days. I encourage you to read it. Rest there. Find strength.

Your voice is important. Your comments are invaluable! Tell me what you think in the comment section here or you can send me an email
It is always a delight to hear from you.

Thank you for reading!

On those days…

The headaches had come racing again;
Ringing off like gunshots within her filled-with-thoughts skull.
She cringed as she pushed the pain killers down her throat;
And felt them racing through her veins in an attempt to silence the war within her.

Those two would do no good,she knew.
In a couple of minutes, she’ll be sending in more.
Her trembling hands synced with her trembling heart and the way she staggered through the days and even now;
Hope was a word she willed herself to remember.
The tears; a constant reminder of her lingering frailty.

But even in this place she has chosen to cling audaciously;
To words of Perfect Peace and Expected Ends.
Call her weak for choosing to rest on the days her feet go numb and unwilling;
I call her strong for trusting The One she has not seen but yet believes.

And if your headaches come back racing and raging;
In the failures and pain and heartaches you face;
I want your heart to always remember this solid truth:
You are never weak for choosing to rest;
To pause and breathe and wipe ’em tears.

By Grace,you have climbed the Hills;
By Grace,you have crawled through the Valleys;
By Grace,you have come this far;
And By Grace,you will keep walking;
Steady and True.

A note to My Amazing Readers:
If today’s piece spoke to you in anyway,share your reading experience with me. I’d really love to hear from you. Yes,today’s piece is “MyStory” and I’m more than willing to admit that I’m not so strong on many days. We all have our “those days”. Remember that there is more than enough Grace for each day and you don’t have to walk alone.

Thanks a billion for following TheDesertRoseLetters. You encourage me! Your feedbacks are important! Corrections,Post Ideas,name it! It’s always a delight to hear from you.
If you have stories to share like societal issues that need volume, topic prompts,etc. Please drop them in the comments section or send me an email ( and we’ll bring those words to life.
Don’t forget to subscribe and follow!
Thank you♡˖
Next post coming soon!

On those days…

“Strong and Brave, Full of Light”

She had walked through the hallways of life;
Filled with the darkest kind of light.
Around her heart were the walls of Jericho and a hundred cities more.

Did you see the star that blazed when she tried to share her smile?
She had locked and sentenced it to death in the dungeons of distress.

Who broke your heart in a million pieces and took your smile away with them?
Who told you Joy was found in only the things that this dying world can give?

I want your heart to beat with hope;
As you raise your fist in skin deep resilience.
There’s a light inside of you that this world is so afraid of;
A certain strength in your frailty that makes the mountains bow in shame.

There’s A Grace deep in the smiles that you dare yourself to give;
As you walk through the hallways of this life;
Filled with the brightest kind of Light.

One Step,A Thousand More

Ask him what he sees,

As he lifts his bone rattling limbs up this winding path to greatness.

Tell me what becomes of the one,who will choose to trust The Process to The Result.

Die everyday and live forever; You brave and daring storyteller.

Do your bones ache as you bear the pain of discipline for the joy to come?

I see in your eyes the fire of a thousand men;

And in your heart the strength of a thousand more.

How many mountains have you climbed? How many seas have you crossed?

To the ones whose tears come from a heart so brave and full of hope,

Keep lifting those wings that seem to be broken;

And will your soul to try again.

If you ever need to stop and rest;

Do it with Hope racing through your veins.

For I know you will stand up and dare again;

For every step you take and a thousand more.